Ultrasonic Vibration Pore Cleaner

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  • Multifunctional: Deep cleansing, blackhead cleaning, acne cleaning, nutrition introduction, EMS microcurrent, wrinkle-smoothing, massage lifting.
  • Various Working Modes: Ultrasonic cleaning, lifting care, ion export, and ion introduction, fully meet your daily multi-purpose skin care needs.
  • Efficient: 24000 times/min ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, shattering blackheads, deep cleaning, efficient introduction, and the strong fogging effect of the cutter head.
  • Humanized Design: LED large screen design, working mode, time, and power remaining at a glance.
  • Multi-Effects in One: Deep cleansing skin care, equipped with a silicone cleansing head, clean the skin more thoroughly and softly.
  • High-Quality Material: 316 stainless steel shovel, designed to fit the curvature of the face, powerfully removing dirt and cutin. Beautiful appearance, base storage, convenient use, simple operation, easy to carry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ruthie Murray

I've tried numerous pore cleansers in the past, but this ultrasonic one takes the cake! The vibrations are powerful yet gentle on my skin, and it's incredible how it minimizes the appearance of my pores. Highly recommended!

Ernestina Powlowski

I was skeptical at first, but this pore cleaner exceeded my expectations! The ultrasonic vibrations provide a deep clean, leaving my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's worth every penny!

Jamarcus Herzog

I've been using this ultrasonic pore cleaner for a few weeks now, and I'm impressed! The vibrations gently lift away dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and more youthful complexion. I'm hooked!

Adriana Streich

This product is a lifesaver for my congested skin! The ultrasonic vibrations effectively remove excess oil and unclog my pores. It's been a game-changer in preventing breakouts and maintaining a balanced complexion.

Jakob Bailey

This ultrasonic pore cleaner has become an essential part of my skincare routine. The vibrations gently dislodge impurities from my pores, resulting in smoother and clearer skin. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with clogged pores.